At Western Film Logistics we understand that providing qualified and experienced trade and support services while maintaining a safe working environment is vital to a successful production in Western Australia.

What clients have said...

"John and Nathan from Western Film Logistics worked as location scouts during our pre-production phase and then as unit manager, guide, logistics and coordinators during filming. DO OR DIE was a formatted documentary series that involved some remote location filming around a fluid storyline. John and Nathan provided great support in difficult circumstances combining their knowledge of the bush and the sea with a strong understanding of the filming process and it's unique requirements. Safe, calm and hard-working - if you are looking for people you can rely on and trust when filming in Australia's South West I highly recommend John and Nathan."

Russell Vines, Zinc Finger Films

Working in the tourism & marine industries’ has given John and Nathan extensive technical and practical expertise. A passion for the outdoors and adventure, a positive can do attitude and local knowledge coupled with a combined 40 years’ experience living, working and exploring the South West means Western Film Logistics is the only location and logistics management firm your project requires.

"I am happy to recommend John and Nathan from Western Film Logistics. They have been involved with us in the making of our most recent Travel, Adventure, Food series, Recipes that Rock, featuring UK rock band Blur musician Alex James together with skateboarding uber eco chef Matt Stone. In the Great Southern region John and Nathan have intimate knowledge of the forests, coast and the waterways. This involvement is not only a timesaver but ensures that the locations are quite simply breathtaking. John and Nathan's experience with various film crews in addition to our own means that they know what is expected and what to expect. They anticipate. They action. They deliver."

Alun Bartsch Producer + Writer MagoFilms

We can provide: Location scouting Fully equipped 4WD vehicles and motor home. A fleet of marine craft including 5 meter surveyed plate hull charter boat, dinghy’s, canoes, kayaks and all safety equipment. Marine and on land communications Independent solar power charging system We can arrange chartering of any size marine craft to suit your requirement.

The Great Southern

From ancient tall forests, granite outcrops and jagged peaks of the Stirling Ranges to the wildly spectacular and secluded beaches, inlets, rivers and headlands. The Great Southern is the next undiscovered film location mecca.

"I directed an adventure/reality series called 'Do or Die' (ABC2) where participant's survival and teamwork skills were put to the test on being stranded in various harsh and remote environments. And while those on camera found it deeply challenging it was equally difficult for the crew who had to endure all the same hardships as them. It was shot with a small crew and the production was low budget and with limited resources. John and Nathan took care of logistics and safety for us and did a brilliant job - both on land and water. The nature of this show was highly unpredictable and sometimes dangerous - their ability to solve problems, forsee problems and generally get us all out of a jam when we needed it saved the day on numerous occasions. Not only highly skilled and professional but great guys to have around when the going got tough. Always calm and assured. Highly recommend these guys."

Steve Peddie, Director, DO OR DIE